Customer Information Service

Most customer inquiries can be resolved over the phone without any need for the customer to visit the company’s front office. The application of high quality and professional telephone techniques and services saves time and resources for the client and increases customers’ satisfaction.

Thanks to the usage of the specialized technological systems and the application of a number of call center industry’s efficiency proven and well established standards, your customers will not wait more than 20 sec to contact an operator and receive comprehensive information in accordance to approved procedures, complying with a single standard starting with the first call, so that it is not necessary to call a second time with queries on the same issue.

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What does the information service include?

  • Information about products and services
  • Address information, office hours, contact telephones
  • Information about promotions
  • Servicing inquiries for personal reference with financial information
  • Hotline – emergency cases information service, promotional campaigns and others
  • Help desk – first level technical information assistance